Insurance Contingent Cont…

Insurance Contingent Contracts Quasi-Ban

Many Minnesota contractors have previously entered into agreements with homeowners, commonly referred to as insurance contingent contracts, but also known as “subject to” or “price agreeable” contracts, to perform storm restor… Read More
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Misclassification Law Wil…

Misclassification Law Will Transform the MN Construction Industry

TL;DR The Employee Misclassification Law will transform the MN construction industry. The agencies involved have extraordinary powers to police it. Contractors need to be prepared to provide extensive documentation on demand to avoid potentially crus… Read More
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Minnesota Cannabis: What'…

Minnesota Cannabis: What's Next?

By Jen Randolph Reise, Head of Business and Cannabis Law TL;DR: Minnesota’s 2024 Legislative session is over and we have the final package of tweaks to the Minnesota Cannabis licensing regime. A first licensing round for social equity applicant… Read More
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HF 4444: Encouraging Developments for MN Independent Contractors

TL;DR A handful of significant alterations to HF 4444 in recent days have improved the outlook for MN independent contractors. Although the fundamentals of the bill remain the same, and MN independent contractors still need clarification in multiple… Read More
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HF 4444: What Contractors…

HF 4444: What Contractors Need to Know

Newly proposed Minnesota legislation has made it clear that the old ways of conducting business as a contractor may soon be over. HF 4444 proposes perhaps the most expansive changes in Minnesota construction law ever. The bill alleges to do so by for… Read More
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OCM Proposed Bill - Some…

OCM Proposed Bill - Some Surprises!

MN-OCM’s long-awaited 2024 bill proposes a round of temporary licenses for social equity applicants, tweaks to who qualifies, and caps on license types generally – including NO cap on microlicenses, which is great news for Minnesota entrepreneurs… Read More
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contract review

Minnesota's ESST: What Business Owners Need to Know 

Starting January 1, 2024, Minnesota’s Earned Sick and Safe Time (ESST) law reshaped the landscape for employers. While navigating new policies can feel daunting, understanding ESST’s implications can empower you to proactively manage your… Read More
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Businessman putting us money into his suit pocket

FTC’s Recipe for Restaurant Ruin 

Currently, consumers have witnessed many businesses add additional costs to the subtotal such as: living wage, credit card, and large party fees. The FTC has proposed a rule that would ban these so-called “Junk Fees” fees. TL;DR Version: Who: The… Read More
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Business Plans

Business Plans

A well-thought-out business plan will be a key part of the licensing application for Minnesota cannabis businesses. Read More
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Stock photo of a police officer standing by his car placing a young man in handcuffs.

The Aroma of Change: Minnesota Cannabis Law

The Legalization of Cannabis In recent years, the legalization of cannabis has been a hot topic of debate and controversy in many states across the United States. As more states move towards decriminalization or even full legalization, questions aris… Read More
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