Business Law

Welcome to North Star Business Law – Your Partner for Proactive Legal Advice

We are passionate about helping businesses and entrepreneurs navigate legal risk and achieve results. Our experienced business lawyer team partners with our clients to provide risk-informed and efficient guidance. Our focus is on helping businesses protect themselves, while they maximize opportunities. When you hire an attorney from North Star Business Law, you can trust that we are giving you the answers and solutions you need for your business to thrive.

Our Business Lawyer Services

We give proactive legal advice for businesses of all sizes, from med-tech startups to established construction companies. Primary areas of focus are:

  • Forming Companies
  • Equity Arrangements
  • Operating Agreements and Buy-Sell Agreements
  • Corporate Governance
  • Compliance
  • Contracts
  • Private Placements & Raising Capital
  • Buying and Selling Businesses (Mergers and Acquisitions)
  • Outside General Counsel aka Fractional General Counsel
  • Hemp and Cannabis (Minnesota and Missouri)
  • Construction (Minnesota)

Why North Star Business Law

Transparent Flat Fees

Unlike traditional law firm models, where attorneys are paid by the hour, we offer flat fees for our legal services. Our clients know exactly what to expect before they even begin working with us, which helps establish trust and build confidence in our attorney-client relationship from the start. Flat fees also eliminate the risk of our clients experiencing “bill shock” since our prices are set up immediately following the initial consultation. By offering this pricing structure, we aim to make quality legal advice and representation accessible and affordable for everyone without sacrificing the level of expertise or professionalism that our clients have come to expect from us.

Partner with You and Your Business

At North Star Business Law, we are small business owners and start-up founders as well as attorneys. We understand intimately the challenges our clients face as they juggle many competing demands, and we strive to assist them in identifying and addressing both legal and business matters. We want to help our clients find a path forward, in compliance with the law.

Your Outside General Counsel

Beyond offering a range of business law services when issues arise, North Star Law Group offers full-service outside general counsel work. That means we are a true partner to your business. We’ll help you identify and address risks and navigate whatever legal or regulatory challenges may arise, from negotiating contracts to handling disputes.

Our flagship Fractional General Counsel Plans offer a subscription-based service model to businesses that may be too small to staff a full-time lawyer. In other words, rather than hiring a full-time employee as in-house general counsel to manage a business’s legal needs, our clients retain us as their outside general counsel for a recurring, set fee to provide comprehensive protection and coordination of their legal issues.

By serving as a virtual extension of our clients' companies, we are able to provide ongoing support in all areas of legal compliance, risk management, contract drafting, contract negotiation, and dispute resolution. As trusted advisors, we are committed to helping our clients manage risk effectively and ensure they have the legal strategies in place to achieve long-term success. From a pricing perspective, our clients know exactly how much their legal spend will be.

Our business lawyer team allows you to focus on the business and not stress over the various legal issues when they arise. And when you are on our Fractional General Counsel Plan, for an annual or monthly subscription fee, we’re your team, ready to get to work, right away. It is this assurance, confidence, and proactive approach that will pay dividends as your business thrives.

As your trusted partner, our North Star Business Law team will provide the full legal services you need so that you can focus on what you do best—running a successful business. Contact us today to see how we can help.