Minnesota Criminal Defense

North Star Criminal Defense

North Star Criminal Defense is exactly who you want fighting for you when you’re facing any criminal case. Whether you are charged with a simple misdemeanor assault, DWI, or face serious felony threats of violence, a sex crime, or drug charges, our team knows how and when to fight. Our criminal defense attorney team has earned the respect of the courts and prosecutors alike and has a track record that is nearly unmatched. When you consider it all, the choice is obvious when deciding who the right Minnesota criminal defense attorney is for you – us.

Not Always Minnesota Nice

Through our decades of criminal law experience, we have learned how critical it is to know how and when to fight. This is why our slogan is “Not Always Minnesota Nice.” We start with an open approach that best humanizes our client and initiates a positive approach to plea negotiations when working with the prosecutor and Court. We believe this is critical to every case, but often overlooked by our colleagues.

When the opportunity presents itself, the fight is brought to protect our clients’ rights and push the envelope even further in plea negotiations. With our strategic approach to fighting on behalf of our clients, we routinely get positive outcomes.

Respect that Precedes Us

When you are facing criminal charges, you need a Minnesota criminal defense attorney who is well-respected. We have that in spades due to our strong fight, ethical approach, and success. And this respect precedes the North Star Criminal Defense team every time our name gets attached to your case. The prosecutors and Courts know and trust us, which leads to higher success rates in achieving the favorable outcomes our clients come to expect from us – both through a legal fight or better plea negotiations.

Proven Track Record of Success

Most importantly, our strategic approach leads to fantastic results for our clients. And what we’re most proud about is that the results are not just limited to the court case itself but are often joined with a fantastic result in our clients’ personal lives. Many times, the result achieved can be the equivalent of lifesaving – such as by achieving a result in which the client does not lose their job or professional license, or by helping our client get the professional services needed to address underlying alcohol, drugs, anger, or mental health issues that factored into the criminal case. With every client, we take a big picture approach to figuring out what is at stake and then put together a personalized legal strategy to ensure we find the outcome that puts our client in the best position possible moving forward. And, as our case results show – we’re damn good at what we do.

We are Your Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney Team

There is no getting around the fact that, if you are facing a criminal case, you are likely going through one of the most stressful events of your life. We understand and appreciate this for each one of our clients. We strive to give each client the respect, diligence, and effort they deserve and need in their time of need. So no matter the specific criteria you have when searching for a Minnesota criminal defense lawyer, trust that you have found the right team for you. Contact us now to get us started on your case immediately.