The North Star Difference

Here at North Star Law Group, we aim to be your shining light, guiding you through your legal journey in most areas of law. Ok, now that we got the cliché, pun-driven lines out of the way, let’s get down to what matters to you, our future clients.

Why us? Simple. We’re damn good at what we do. It’s not just in the incredible results we routinely get for our clients. It’s the way we do our business and how we connect with our clients that lead to these results. And why our clients – and their friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors – keep coming back to us.

Tech Forward

We are in a fast-paced and technology-driven world. Instead of fearing these changes and the advancements of technology, the North Star team is embracing it (after all, ChatGPT may or may not have contributed to this webpage), understanding how being tech forward can yield more efficiency, reduce costs, and ultimately lead to savings being passed on to you, our clients. Heck, our CEO even went to a national meeting solely on technology for law firms (ask around to see how many other firms have attended one).

Our clients see this first-hand in the case management system we utilize that permits them to access their case portal 24/7 to review or upload documents, write notes for a specific document, communicate with our team, and otherwise make the legal process more transparent and convenient. The result is a firm that utilizes technology in a way that allows the attorneys to get the job done for our clients efficiently and transparently.

Transparent Billing

Old school law firms almost universally employ hourly billing: 0.1 billable every six minutes. There are two major problems for the client with this approach. First, a client is at the mercy of the attorney and the firm when planning for legal expenses. There is no transparency on how much the work will cost and, instead, the client receives a bill afterwards, often stunned at the cost they are now responsible for. Second, it perversely incentivizes the lawyer and firm to ramp up billables at the expense of the client.

Here at North Star, we’re flipping the script by doing most of our work on a flat fee basis. That way, our clients know exactly what they will pay for the work they ask us to do before we even start. We also offer subscription models that allow our clients to pay a set rate each month – so they can budget legal spending without worrying about how much calling us will cost.

The North Star Team

We are truly a team of attorneys and professionals committed to our common goal of getting our clients the legal solutions they need in the most efficient way possible. We are not driven by our origination or billable numbers. Or concerned about who brought a client in.

Instead, we make sure each client gets the right practice group working on their behalf, so that the attorneys and professionals specialized in their fields can deliver the results we are known for. And when a new issue arises, that may lead to a client utilizing a different attorney or professional from another practice group to deliver the specialized skill and knowledge needed. What matters to you, though, is that you can trust that you have the North Star team always prioritizing your best interests.

There’s more. But, by now, you probably get the point. If you’re still wondering if the North Star difference will matter to you and your needs, set up a free consultation and meet with us. You will not be disappointed.