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The Aroma of Change: Minn…

The Aroma of Change: Minnesota Supreme Court Rules Cannabis Odor, ALONE, is Insufficient to Support Probable Cause Under the Automobile Exception

Background: In recent years, the legalization of cannabis has been a hot topic of debate and controversy in many states across the United States. As more states move towards decriminalization or even full legalization, questions arise regarding how t… Read More
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Beware of Liquidated Damage Clauses in Residential Construction

AUGUST 28, 2023 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE The Minnesota Court of Appeals issued its ruling today in Smart Construction, Inc. v. Dean Suchy, A22-1524. The case dealt with whether a liquidated damages clause was valid. You can read the entire decision by c… Read More
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North Star Cannabis Law i…

North Star Cannabis Law in the News

Minnesota became the 23rd state to legalize adult-use (recreational) cannabis on August 1, and North Star’s lawyers were ready with the scoop. Racket.MN talked to Jen on August 1 about what is legal now – and isn’t. Check it out here: L… Read More
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New Wage Theft Liability…

New Wage Theft Liability Litigation

Very soon Governor Walz is expected to sign into law a new bill that greatly expands parties who may be held liable for wage theft. This new law will take effect on August 1, 2023. A General Contractor will now assume the liability for wage theft vio… Read More
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Minnesota Cannabis Legali…

Minnesota Cannabis Legalization

The Minnesota cannabis legalization bill H.F. 100, which passed both the House and Senate in May 2023, will make Minnesota the 23rd state to legalize recreational marijuana. The bill establishes a regulatory framework for both adult-use cannabis and… Read More
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