Misclassification Law Wil…

Misclassification Law Will Transform the MN Construction Industry

TL;DR The Employee Misclassification Law will transform the MN construction industry. The agencies involved have extraordinary powers to police it. Contractors need to be prepared to provide extensive documentation on demand to avoid potentially crus… Read More
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HF 4444: Encouraging Developments for MN Independent Contractors

TL;DR A handful of significant alterations to HF 4444 in recent days have improved the outlook for MN independent contractors. Although the fundamentals of the bill remain the same, and MN independent contractors still need clarification in multiple… Read More
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Construction workers in building site.

2023 Wage Theft Law: What Do Contractors Need to Know?

Minnesota Statute § 181.165, also known as the 2023 wage theft law, is a new statute that directly impacts the construction industry in Minnesota, which boils down to how you classify the folks working with you. The ideology behind this new law was… Read More
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